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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> we will lose that strong offshore wind. overall it will be sunny and nice again. too warm with temperatures 60s and 70s. we had about 25 record highs. here is sal. >> right now traffic is moving well on interstate 880 westbound. no major problems. come into the city. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. breaking news in san francisco this morning. firefighters on the scene of a fire. this fire started just after 3:00 this morning. the flames starletted in one building before starting to another. kraig debro son the scene to tell us what -- kraig debro is on the scene to tell us what officers were doing on the scene before the fire started. >> reporter: officers were conducting surveillance in this neighborhood. is those fires related to the arsons? behind me is the address of the
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home that caught fire. you cannot see a lot of fire damage here because most of it is in the back. right now they are in the middle of the overhaul stage. this began around 3:00 a.m. this morning. it was the police officers that were among the first to dial 911 because they were in the area. we spoke to several people about the fire. they said it was a fast moving fire. they believe it started on the deck on corbett street and spread to a home next door. i spoke to a person on the other side a man that lives on the other side. he said that officers knocked on his door and he told he and his wife to get out. his wife is eight months pregnant. >> the police officers patrolling the area happened to stumble upon the fire. we woke up to banging on the doors. they were panicking. they were like you've got to get out now. so i just threw a blanket on my wife and out we went.
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>> that woman is back inside her home and doing. everyone is concerned it could be linked to the other arsons. we haven't had a chance to speak to police. perhaps they knew something they haven't released to the public just yet. there are many arson investigators on the scene. there are seven people that are displaced right now. the red cross is on the scene. they help those people with an alternate place to stay. we'll also be talking to fire investigators coming up to find out what they know about why police were in this neighborhood to begin with. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. time now 5:02. a kidnapped woman is doing okay according to oakland police. she was abducted from an oakland complex and hours ago turned up at a hospital. two men chased that woman into
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an apartment complex about 8:20 saturday night. the men assaulted the woman and forced her into a car. they are working to identify the suspects now. the get away car is described as a 1999 black four-door chrysler. we know the man who died while running a half marathon. 36-year-old peter hoss was pronounced dead after collapsing just before the finish line in golden gate park yesterday morning. a witness told the chronicle volunteers gave hoss cpr. the ground has been shakingover night in sonoma county. this morning there have been a couple smaller after shocks.
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the u.s. geological survey says they felt the shaking. there are no reports of damageover injuries. a different kind of ground shaking in green bay. they are celebrating a super bowl victory. >> i feel like this is the greatest day of my life. it's better than my wedding day. >> the packers beat the pittsburgh steelers 21-45. packers quarterback and aaron rogers was the game mvp. he's only 27 and in his third full season as starting quarterback. rogers threw three touchdown passes. didn't throw any interceptions but nick collins picked off one of steelers took it in for a touchdown. they threatened they did come back in the fourth with a
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touchdown. that cut the packers lead to three. the pacers answered with a field goal held on. that was enough to win it all. green bay found a way to win despite losing several key players to injuries. >> that's the story of our season. high character guys that have stepped up. >> this is a game of what ifs. we turned the ball over. a lot of that is my fault. >> the victory was green bays first nfl title since 1997. in vacaville parents are lined up. they are hoping to score at that school. allie rasmus is out there. she has been talking to people that have been camped out since friday. why is so so important to get into this school? >> reporter: enrollment starts at 8:00 a.m..
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the people that are camped out in line are trying to secure one of those spots. all the down there that's where the line starts. you can see there is a trail of tents and chairs set up all along the sidewalk here. in fact, if we talk around the corner of this port you can see there are tents and people camped out. the line pretty much goes all the way out to the intersection. now because it's a charter school enrollment is not determined where you live but on a first come first serve basis. some parents have been here since saturday evening are convinced their children will get a better education here. >> this is a small school. about 440 students. there is about 130 freshmen spots. it's a great school. they have all kinds of rewards. the principal has been out here opening the restroom for us.
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>> the violence they don't allow that here. if a kid gets hit, they are gone. they don't come back. >> reporter: now there are about 688 charter schools operating in california. the california department of education does have some oversite charter schools. charter schools are general i exempt from the laws that traditional public schools have to abide by. now coming up a little later on, we will get in touch with someone from the californias teacher association to talk about this issue. for now the people lined up say they are not focused on the san francisco. they just want their kids so go to school here and willing to camp out over night. time now 5:07. let's go to sal. everyone behaving in our commute? >> everyone is behaving expect
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for me. i'm on my third cup of cough if. [ laughter ] >> already? >> i'm kidding. to answer your question the commute is doing very well. we're off to a nice start. let's show you pictures here. the east shore freeway looks good. no major problems here at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound it looks good getting into san francisco. we didn't have any road work on the lower or upper deck. and this morning in the south bay we're off to a nice start there as well. so if you are getting an early start you have to get on the road soon. right now is a good time to go. here is steve. thank you. very good morning. we have clear skies. see that system right there? it will give us a change starting later tonight taking us into tomorrow. what kind of change? windy and cooler. a bunch of record highs yesterday. we don't want to look back
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because this was unprecedented in february. these are the old records santa rosa. san rafael. kentfield. oakland. napa. most go back to 1963. i do believe oakland was not only a record high but the warmest temperature ever. as for other areas that picked up record highs 1963, 1987. gilroy was 2001. sfo72. 77 with san francisco. there were a bunch as you can imagine. 30s, 40s u and 50s on your temps right now. we'll see more of a westerly breeze. and tomorrow am much colder air mass moves in. a record heat moves out and cooling friend begins. we brought it up friday,
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saturday, and sunday. in fact, windy and much cooler. it will stale be nice. today it will be toys and 70s. upper 60s and mid 70s for some. i think you will notice a pretty good drop by the coast. windy and cooler will take us into tuesday and wednesday. partly sunny and cloudy thursday and friday. in egypt today the antigovernment protestors still filled up the main square in cairo. they say they will not leave until mubarak steps down. egypt's vice president met with opposition leaders talking about plans for a gradual transition. he also offered concessions including more press freedom. the protestors say the only exception they will act
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september. a google executive will be realested by egyptian authorities. he is one of the administrators of a facebook page that organized the antigovernment protest. his families hasn't heard from him since january 27th. yesterday a spokesperson said he would be released at 4:00 p.m. today in cairo. that is 6:00 a.m. our time. you almost find continuing coverage of the uprising in egypt on our channel 2 website click on the egypt tab near the top. in iran it's day two of the trial of three uc berkeley graduated charged with spying. the closed door session got under way yesterday. shane bauer and josh fattal
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entered not guilty pleas. a lawyer enter that same plea. no one is really sure how long this is going to take. >> most indicators suggested at the end of the day after they have humiliated these people and treated them. >> we spoke to the professor yesterday. iran detained the uc berkeley graduated in july 2009. they say they were on a hiking trip and mistakenly a security breech at the vatican. a little boy broke through security and walked right up to the pope. how the pope reacted.
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♪oh say can you see >> did you catch the flub? why christina aguilera is pleading for forgiveness. good morning, southbound 80 traffic looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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welcome back to the morning
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news. it's 5:15. julian assange is in a london courtroom trying to fight extradition to sweden. assange is accused of sexual misconduct by two women he met during a visit to stockholm last year. defense attorneys say he should not be extradited and assange should not be sent to sweden because authorities there could send him to the u.s. and he could end up on death row. some outgoing san francisco police scored really big payouts. former police chief received $528,000. plus 37,000 other pay.
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now she's gone she's being paid an annual pension of $229,000 for the rest of her life. this morning president obama will continue his efforts to make peace with big businesses with a big speech at the u.s. chamber of commerce. during the midterm elections the chamber financed a $50 million adam campaign. the president has tried to each out to big business. he said boosting the economy requires business working together. the vat tan is investigating a serious security breech tied to a little boy. the boy managed to slip past security guards during the pope weekly address. you can see the boy running forward. he fell to his knees. the pope responded with a smile and briefly chatted with the boy. vatican security guards are not
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smiling. the outcome of the game isn't the only thing about the super bowl that is being talked about this morning. ♪ so proudly hail at the twilight lasts gleaming ♪ >> that is christina aguilera making a bit of a mistake. she sang the leeric so proudly we hailed twice. once where it was supposed to be and then again when she was supposed to be singing the ram parking lots we watched were so gallantly streaming. she went on to sing the rest of the anthem correctly. that moment will live on in history. >> was there anything else to practice during that week? i feel bad for christina. >> i do too. it will never leave her. time now 5:18. i know sal was watching even though she is watching the commute. you caught that too. >> i did.
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let's take a look at commute now. the traffic is doing okay westbound as you come up into san francisco no major problems. no problems coming on to the lower deck either from san francisco to oakland. also the morning commute looks good on 880 north and southbound here in front of the oakland coliseum. if you are driving in san jose the road sensors are giving us a nice look. maybe a couple things are turning yellow and red. for the most part we are off to a nice start. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. cooler today but still nice. the big cooling will start tomorrow. yesterday just as you know way above average. we had 70s to 80s. it can't last. sunny nice to warm. tomorrow will be a northerly wind with a cooling air mass. the weekend much cooler and
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rain getting closer. still leaning around the 15th. we maxed out on sunday. no doubt about it. when you get 80s and all-time record highs our warmest temperatures ever. you know things have to change and there are signs that start to change wednesday. any rain should hold off until maybe next week. we'll see. things are changing. the system that will give us the leading edge of the change is move into the northern part of the state. that will crank up the wind. again there is a cool air mass coming in behind that. 30s, 40s, and 50s. 39 fairfield. 34 livermore. not much going on. there is a big system out there. it's aligning itself north to south. the record heat is getting bumped out. the cooling trend we topped out yesterday we will start a downward slide. today sunny and warm but slightly cooler. 60s and 70s so yeah that is
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above average but not the upper 70s or low 80s. 68, 74 it will still be a nice day. san francisco coming down from 77 of yesterday. windy and cooler tuesday and wednesday. partly sunny and cloud thursday and friday. people have jobs now are less likely to be laid off than at any other time in the last 14 years. that is according to a new report released overnight. last month companies announced plans to trim fewer than 39,000 workers. that's a 46% decrease from january of last year. the report challenger gray also says businesses remain reluctant to hire new workers until they see signs of a stronger recovery. checking in on the numbers right now. where we start the day. all posted slight gains on friday. today it looks like a higher
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opening. managers of the nasdaq confirm one of its web applications have been breeched. that comes after the wall street journal reports that hackers were able to get into the computer network that runs the nasdaq. the hackers were apparently looking around at least for now. the paper reports the fbi and secret service are look into this matter. time now just turning 5:20. why the bay area is considering a ban of jumping in certain places. >> sit hot -- is it hot in here? >> the commercial is getting wave reviews. westbound traffic 24. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. and try...and try.
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good morning, skies are clear. it will be sunny and nice. not as warm as yesterday. we had upper 70s and low 80s. look for temperatures to settle into the 60s. >> steve, thank you. time now 5:25. the popular bounce houses for kids to play inside could soon disappear from walnut creek parks. walnut creek officials will consider banning those inflatable jump houses through a big part of many childrens parties. right now the city requires anyoning setting up one to have a permit and proof of insurance from the venn dar.
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the city staffers say that requirement is not enforced. those houses present a liability hazard. about 400 football fans were left out seats after the super bowl yesterday. that is because some of the sections in the temporary seating areas in the cowboys stadium they were not finished in time. the nfl found alternative seating for about 850 other people that were effected. the 400 that couldn't been seated they were given refunds of triple faced value of the $900 tickets. they also had the option of watching the big game from monostores in the stadium. the nfl says yesterdays super bowl did not set the all-time attendance record. it set some records and others it did not break. many people consider them the very best part of super sunday. >> is it hot in here? >> they tune in to the super bowl just to watch the
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commercials. and there was plenty to watch yesterday including one commercial that made some viewers cringe. >> what's up ladies? can i get some love? >> historicically you always use humor. >> this year the going rate for super bowl commercial about $3 million for the 30 second spot. next hour we will show you one commercial that has sparked a racial controversy. now our channel 2 website features a poll to vote on your favorite commercial. just go to early morning evacuations. another fire this morning. the reason firefighters think it may be connected to four other suspicious fires. dozens of people are camped out on the sidewalk next to the this building in vacaville.
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we'll tell you you what they are looking for. also why there is hope in the next half hour we'll hear from the google executive that went missing in egypt.
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well good morning, to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news monday february 7th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30.
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steve paulson will it be cooler? >> it will be. 60s and 70s. the change begins tonight when we get cooler wind to move in here. it will take us into tuesday. today 60s and 70s. here is sal. traffic is moving well on westbound bay bridge. you can see the toll plaza traffic looks good. 5:31 let's go back to the dave and pam. >> sal, thank you. breaking news this morning from san francisco. firefighters are still at the scene of a fire in the castro district. it broke out at corbett and clayton street. it began in a one two unit building. several people were evacuated including a pregnant woman. five people are displaced right now. the red cross is helping them as best as they can. san francisco police officers patrolling the neighborhood actually found this mornings
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fire. they called the firefighters to the scene. those officers were on patrol after four arson incidents in the castro district last week. firefighters say it's still too early to know if this mornings fire was connected to last weeks fires. thousands of protestors are continuing their antigovernment demonstrations and they are exstressing anger at the u.s.. crowds have been chanting down with america. there is live pictures this morning. people are disappointed. despite the tough comments the u.s. has signed on to the idea of a gradual tran dis. protestors don't like the vice president and they continue to insist that hosni mubarak step down immediately. pam, we are hearing a google executive went missing is supposed to be released by egyptian authorities. jade hernandez is joining us
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live. jade, we understand that release could happen within the next half hour; right? >> reporter: that is absolutely right. we are live in mountain view this morning. a google spokesperson said he could not confirm his internet messages. that executive could be tasting freedom. google exec is one of the administrators of a facebook page that organized the antigovernment protest in egypt. he was arrested for taking part in a riot in cairo. initially the egyptian government would not acknowledge they had arrested him. >> people like him are the kind of people that make change in our world. we need to stand with him.
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>> reporter: you just heard from one of his supporters. you are look at you tube video. it shows a group of four men grabbing him. no one has confirmed if this is him. yesterday a spokesperson for the egyptian government said the google executive would be released at 4:00 p.m. today which is just a half hour away our time. we are monitoring the situation. we'll have an update from mountain view in 30 minutes after that deadline. reporting live jade hernandez. >> thank you. you can find continuing coverage of the uprising in e jet on our channel 2 website just click on the egypt tab. right there you will find a link to a special section. police are trying to find out if foul play was involved in a womans death. officers found a bomb womans body yesterday. investigators are not saying
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where they found that body only the woman had been dead for awhile. the corners off the office is investigating the time of death. records show pg&e boosted pressure inside a pipeline it considered to be at the highest risk of failure. mg network increased the pressure from june 2009. revelation could be important because federal investigators are focusing on faulty wells and pressure problems. time now 5:35 san francisco may become the first city in the whole country to offer a drop in center where hiv drug users can get, use and take advantage of clean needles.
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the task force is making that recommendation in an effort to reduce hepatitis c. both san francisco mayor ed lee and the cities health director strongly oppose the plan. they say there are better ways to deal with that problem. also tomorrow a federal judge from san jose will head to san quinn ten. he will get a first look the the -- this same judge put the executions on hold after ruling the old death chamber was out of date. this could be a big step. there will be a death penalty protest this evening. ahead of the judges trip to sanguine ten tomorrow. they will march to the gates to demand that jerry brown shut down the death chamber once and
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for all. brown says he is opposed to death chambers. the parking lot of a vacaville school is filled with tents and lawn chairs this morning. allie rasmus is with the parents that have been camped out to find out why. >> the article and the sidewalk well out into the street. think -- this is the long line of campgrounds and tents set up on the toke this is all for enrollment. the enrollment period starts at 8:00 a.m. this morning. there are the people in line here hope to secure one of the spots for their kids. you can see a lot of people have their blankets and sleeping bags. last check on my digital thermometer it was 43 degrees
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out here. because birmingham charter is a charting school it comes on a first come first serve basis. >> a lot of it is due to the standards they are upholding to. just to give you an idea of it if a child carries on two ds and it continues, they are expelled from the school. >> they have a outstanding film program here. that's what he wants to get into. this is where he wants to go. >> reporter: there are about 688 charter schools operating in california. the california department of investigation has oversight over them. charter schools are except from some of the laws that traditional public schools has to abide by. we have put in a few calls this morning to the californias
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teacher association to talk about this issue. so far the people lined up are not focused on the debate of charter schools. they just want to send their kids here. they are willing to spend the night out here. live in vacaville allie rasmus. >> before you go. i know you were talking to the parents that are exited about what this charter school has to offer. is it part of the reason also they are unhappy with their public schools? >> reporter: a couple people we talked to said think kids were going to private schools already. they have never experienced the public school system. they have heard about the specific programs at this charter school. >> is it free or is this going to be a division like the private schools? >> reporter: it is free. this is free tuition.
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charter schools are public schools. >> thank you so much for that information. certainly free. boy a lot of people camped out there. anybody parked out in our commute on the road sal and around the bridges? >> no, dave. this traffic report is free. right now traffic is moving a long pretty well. this is a look at highway 4 westbound. no issues on 680. and the morning drive looks good on westbound 24. on the way up to the tunnel if you are driving to oakland it should be a nice drive. it always amazes me. at 5:40 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. sunny and nice today. not as warm as sunday. santa rosa was 83 yesterday.
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oakland 81. cooler though than sunday. tomorrow more sun and clouds kind of a mixed bag. windy and cooler. more clouds rain getting closer as we get toward the weekend. there will be changes. we topped out yesterday. that system will give the sierra possibility of snow tuesday and wednesday. starting to inch its way down. yesterday a lot of the old regards 1912 for sonata -- oakland 82. other records again 1982 and 1986. 70s to near 80 degrees. the city is at 52. napa at 40. high pressure will continue to give us nice weather.
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the record heat gets bumped out of here. instead of that offshore wind it will give us a cooler pattern. that will take us. nice to warm. temperatures will be in the 60s and also the 10:s. but again out occupier -- cooler thursday and friday. there is a new requirement for school children starting next year to prevent another whooping cough epidemic. state health officials are requiring vaccinations for all students entering event grade and proof of the booster for any newly registered students. they say the rule will be enforced with no grace period. it follows the whooping cough death of ten babies.
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jacqueline aquatic center may be closing down. it can't afford to operate it anymore. the city cut founding by nearly $200,000. the group says it has been tough to raise money. now the hope is the parks and recreation department will step in and continue providing water access to kayakers, rowers, and commuters. >> this is the best water in the bay. if this police shut down. the only place to row would be merit. super cashing in on super bowl bets. why vegas is not happy with the way the game went. a mayor cock fighting ring. what police say surprised even them. good morning, if you are
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driving to oakland driving to the mccarthur maze. right now the traffic is light. another traffic update is straight ahead.
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good morning, skies are clear. it will be nice today but not as warm as yesterday. i mean our average high this time of year are near 60 and yesterday we were near 80. it will still be sunny and warm. >> all right steve, thank you. welcome back. good morning, to you. san francisco firefighters are still at the scene of this a fire in the castro district. the flames broke out in a two- unit building just after 3:00 this morning and spread to a second building. so far no one has been hurt. there is an investigation into the cause of the fire that
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continues as we speak. in iran it's day two of the trial charged with spying. shane bower and josh fattal entered not guilty plea with charges of spying and trespassing. a lawyer entered that same plea for sarah shourd that ignored a court sentence to return to iran. we are watching egypt. this is live picture of the major square there in cairo. you can see still filled with thousands of people in this live picture here. they are maintaining their antigovernment protest in central cairo square. some of the life there is returning to normal. they are vowing they will not leave the square until mubarak steps down. a major cock fighting was busted up yesterday.
5:48 am
they witnessed a horrible scene. they found dozens of dead and injured birds used in the brutal fights. >> it never ceases to amaze me even after this many years it never ceases to shock me. >> the humane society says the operators of the cock fighting rings had them fight to their death. they seizeds of surviving birds. time now 5:48. super bowl sunday was not just good news to the packer that have won. thanks to the high score gamblers who bet on the game made off with big wins. they will not release how they faired. gambling experts are predicting a vegas blood bath. the first group of names to be featured in the sidewalk attribute has been selected. it's part of the proposed rain
5:49 am
bow honor walk. honoring heros of the lesbian and gay community. frda kahlo. george choy. and tom waddell. they will still have to approve the sidewalk plaques. it's 5:48 let's go back to sal to check in on any problems with the commute. sal. >> we are doing pretty well. northbound 280 traffic looking good getting up to highway 17 into the valley. 237 looking good. let's take a look at 237. right near 880. you can see traffic is moving along nicely driving over to 101. this mornings commute at the toll plaza looks good. this is the hour when you can go without any delay at the toll plaza. let's go to steve. >> thank you.
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after yesterday normal highs this time of year. yesterday we were about 73-83. you know that can't last. these are almost all time record highs. oaklands 81 was the highest warm temperature. things can not last. they will still be okay today. we start much bigger cooling trend. today sunny nice to warm. windy at times. the cooling begins really more so tomorrow than today. the weekend much cooler. the rain is getting cooler. it will continue for most of this week. we will start to see temperatures top out. by next week this time i think we will be looking for rain. up in the sierra you can see a system clipping them up there. 30s, 40s, and 50s. 39 fairfield to 52 in san francisco. one system drops down. that will not do much.
5:51 am
it will pick up the wind so instead of a north, northeast it will be more of a northerly. the cooling trend sunday was 70s to near 80s. today we will bring the temperatures down. you will notice it on tuesday. still sunny and warm. 60s to 70s but temperatures instead of upper 70s or low 80s will have 60s and mid 70s. napa 72. santa rosa down 74. san francisco down 11. still sunny and nice. tomorrow that wind picks up. that will carry us into wednesday. the cooling continues thursday and friday. ford is planning to increase production by 13% and that could mean more jobs. ford reports sales jumped 27% last month. executives say they may need to add another shift to assembly plants. or ask workers to stay on the job longer. company says it wants to feature its 16 new or
5:52 am
significantly updated models. chrysler has to increase its sales by 25% around the world. it's february but it's going to feel like christmas for very lucky oakland school kids. one bay area community is being eaten alive by a political scandal in the skyrocketing bill for taxpayers to clean up the mess.
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welcome back to the morning news. a man that admitted to smuggling whale teeth will spend a year under federal house arrest. the u.s. attorneys office says saunders revealed that he arranged the impart and sales of the teeth which are often used for engraving. uc davis scientists say a fast moving fungus is responsible for killing one million bats. the disease is called white nose syndrome with sick bats -- it's important to find out what is causing the disease. time now 5:55 the stay of hercules is swirling in political turmoil. it stems from the city spending $15 million it doesn't have.
5:56 am
they are still trying to remove two city council members after they approved real estate development deals that now seem to have no future. there are big questions about expenses the city reimbursed officials for including the former mayor. >> in the two invoices i reviewed are charges for extra leg room on airline flights, car rentals and cities on the east coast, $3,000 for the miss hercules pageant. >> now the city council members and the former mayor say they have done nothing wrong but the contra costa county grand jury is investigating all of this and the public trust has been shaken. >> anyone that gets a phone call asking for a money wire to help a realtive in need should be suspicious. they received calls from scammers claiming to be in
5:57 am
legal trouble. another victim was told to send a cash advance to cover taxes on lottery winnings in the philippines. police say if you receive a similar call, you should hang up and contact officials immediately. my mom received one of those calls. they draw information from you. >> we have to watch out for that. sal is watching out to get you where you need to go. >> that is right. i just got a tweet about fog rolling from in the town of oakley. you can always tweet me. we like to pass along information to our viewers. there is my twitter address below my name there. you missed it because we are going if live pictures here. northbound 280 traffic getting up to highway 17. no problems this morning on the sunol grade. so far it's light at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to dave and pam.
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coming up next. it's happening again in san francisco. just hours ago another major fire engulfed a building near the castro district. sit connected to other suspicious fires in the neighborhood? we'll have a live report from the scene. the suspense building from google. could there will be a break in the face this morning? good morning, it's mainly clear. patchy fog out toward the valley. otherwise sunny today. what about the temperatures? we'll have those in two minute minutes.
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